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On many occasions in my career I had to think fast and mid afternoon on the day of Garden Club I had to think very fast as the speaker for the evening was not coming! A Chairmans nightmare but a quick phone call to Timothy Walker, one of the most popular speakers in the Gardening circuit, came to the rescue. He has an amazing humour and titled his presentation Bordering on Insanity  which on first reflection might well have been  focused on me but was a superb account of his development of his garden .Timothy was for many years Director of Oxford Botanical Gardens, living in the cottage adjoining the grounds which overlooked the college meadows. The gardens consisted of floral borders surrounding the lawn, a wide border planted with flowering shrubs and trees to give privacy from overlooking public footpaths across the meadows and a border in front of the dividing wall between the Botanical Gardens and their home. Timothy speaks with tremendous wit and ability, detailing the plantings of the seasons and describing the harmony of contrasting colours, shapes and forms which follow the duration of bloom. He gave his wife a pat on the back as she has a better eye for colour co-ordinations seen in the borders featuring wonderful clashes of pinks, magenta, blues and yellows. The members clearly enjoyed and impressed by the talk and I an extremely grateful to Timothy for saving the day!

Next meeting: Tuesday January 2nd

'Journey of Georgian Elegance to Post Modern Reflection'

Harry Green Head Gardener - Moreton Hall Gardens