Monthly Report

John Millington of Hillview Hardy Plants, Bridgenorth, Shropshire, visited garden club on Tuesday 7th May, our final indoor meeting this season, with a challenge to to enhance the members' knowledge of plant propagation. Back in 1986/87 John and his wife Ingrid, began concentrating on building a collection of Alpines and they have extended the nursery to house the National collection of Acanthus.

The audience of 70 members were invited to name numeroius methods of propagating from a hardy perennial Phlox. Volunteers were asked to assist by taking cuttings and potting them up. Many thanks to Jilli Bates, Penny Feldon, Dolores Smith and Mary Kinoulty for displaying their skills.

Accanthus root cuttings were added to the task, followed by Japanese Anemones and Iris rhizomes.

Last but not least, we were shown the best way to propogate Eucomis using strips cut across the leaf in a chevron shape to promote the formation of roots where leaf meets compost.

This whole exercise was carried out in an entertaining manor, but delivered the key messages that have obviously been learnt from many years of hard work and dedication. John recommended an informative book entitled 'Creative Propogation' by Peter Thompson.

Dates for your diary:

Village Fete - 9th June - 'By the Seaside'

12 noon - 4pm

Summer Garden Party - 2nd July - members only - 6.30pm for 7pm at The Hill Cottage, Kings Lane, Snitterfield. Members are aked to bring a plate of food, sweet or savoury, wine provided.