Monthly Report

Along with innumerable other clubs and societies across the country which meet in a variety of indoor meeting rooms and halls, Snitterfield Garden Club has been halted in its tracks by the restrictions necessitated by the need to curb the spread of Coronavirus. The Club’s Committee, after discussion and with great reluctance, feels that it is not possible to hold our monthly Club Nights, averaging 60 attendees, in any form that would be acceptable or enjoyable as a social occasion.

For a start, meetings of over 30*attendees are not permitted by Government in Village Halls and and so we are already faced with the question of how to select said 30. And then, a rather sad picture is conjured up when you imagine those members, queuing at a socially acceptable distance, then sitting widely apart, wearing face-coverings, without the opportunity to mix, mingle and chat and with non existent refreshments.

Understandably, some Speakers have also taken the decision not to continue to offer their services whilst such conditions prevail. So, I’m sure you can appreciate that the normal continuance and functioning of our Club has to be formally suspended until such times as our accepted and preferred meeting format is allowed once more.

 At present, it is impossible to judge when this might happen, but I’d like to assure you that as soon as more lenient rules allow our meetings to resume in the style we enjoy, all those on the Members list for the year just ended will be the first to be informed, and that’s you! And if you’re new to the area, please do contact us through the website and we will let you know directly as soon as there is positive news about our ability to meet.

Until then I wish you continued sustenance and satisfaction from your gardens, whatever their size, not only physical but also mental. If you’re feeling low, force yourself out there, just to do one small job, and I promise you you’ll stay much longer and be all the better for it. Everything gains a better perspective once viewed after working with nature.

Happy gardening!

Gillie Waldron Chairman/Programme Secretary

*Numbers permitted to meet together have now been reduced by the latest Government directive from 30 to 6.