Monthly Report

Thank goodness that our excellent Speaker at our 'first Tuesday in the month' meeting for March was well prepared, as his journey from Sandwich in Kent took Steve Edney, 5 hours instead of the expected 3, with the M25 being the culprit. But his enthusiasm for his subject, The Salutation Garden', was undimmed, and he delivered, with infectious bonhomie, a hugely informative and entertaining illustrated talk to the 50 or so Members attending.


Steve Edney has been Head Gardener at The Salutation Garden in Sandwich for the past 15years of his 27 year career in horticulture. At any rate, this was his  position when booked to speak, but around Christmas time came the shock announcement: The Salutation Hotel had gone into liquidation, taking the stunning 4-acre Garden with it, even though this section of the business was solvent. With just 30 minutes' notice, Steve had to inform his 4 full-time gardeners and several volunteers about this tragic situation.  


And it is a tragedy, as both House and Garden were originally designed in 1912 by none other than Sir Edwin Lutyens, which makes all the more glorious the achievement of Steve and his fellow gardeners to have brought it back from 27 years of overgrown neglect to its present glorious state: 200' long x 18’ deep double long borders; a White Garden to rival that at Sissinghurst; a Yellow Garden designed around a yellow-leaved Ginkgo Biloba; a Holm Oak Walk; a Bowling Lawn; Kitchen Garden; Woodland Garden and on top of all that, 4 national collections of genus: Plectranthus, dark-leaved Dahlias, Pseudopanax and Persicaria Virginiana. The thought of this returning to a wilderness is unbearable and news of a reprieve for this celebrated Garden is eagerly awaited, not least so that it can be a future venue for a SGC trip! Watch this space, as they say. 


"All meetings and events detailed have been cancelled until further notice as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. The website will be updated as and when we are able to return to our Programme."


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