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One needs something to recharge ones batteries at this time of the year. For me it is my passion for.......Snowdrops! Even on the coldest of days, clad in warm clothes and wellies, along with hundreds of like minded galanthophiles we potter off to Colesbourne Park in Gloucestershire to be greeted by Sir Henry Elwes to indulge with the bliss of admiring the glistening white dainty snowdrop blooms, flashing glimpses of emerald green on their inner skirts. They carpet the lawns, dangle on slopes by the brilliant Blue Lake and cover the banks along the woodland paths. Originally in 1874 Sir Henry’s grandfather brought back some snowdrops from his travels in Turkey and the collection has just grown to around 150 different snowdrop varieties including the yellow snowdrop  “Carolyn Elwes”. To see the differences, one really has to look close and study their profile and markings on their skirts. Part of the indulgence is to buy some but prices have risen drastically, ranging from just £3 per bulb to £290 for the “Carolyn Elwes”. So tempting but this year my hand firmly stayed clasping a closed purse!


Our next meeting is on March 6th when we welcome Tony Russell - '2000 Years of Garden History in One Hour'.